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Who We Are

We are farmers, first. But parents before everything.

We are good food advocates. Activists, for that matter.


We are the farmers that care deeply about what you eat + why. 

We are the people here to ensure you can access the good food that you need and want.

And feel good about your choices

We are the bridge. Your roots.

We are your connection to small farms and producers in British Columbia.

We support them, we support you, and together we strengthen our foodshed. 

And so much more.

We are the Haydens - 

Dan, Miche, Calla, Mica, Cedar + Clementine.

We are Happy Hills Farm and Flourish MicroFarm.


We are the founders and proud members of the Rooted Table Collective.

And we are so happy to feed you!

How it all Began

The story of how Dan and Miche got to where they are today is a story filled with a whole lot of perseverance, determination, and joy... coupled with a bit of luck! 

Dan and Miche are two souls filled with big passion and a love for growing food, and in 2017 this led to them meeting their current farm landowners,

and poof! - Happy Hills Farm was born and this exciting journey began!


Happy Hills Farm

Farming like the planet depends on it!

Happy Hills is our growing 2+ acre market garden, where we take pride in producing good, nutritious food grown by hand! 

In 2021 we implemented our Environmental Farm Plan which means we prioritize our surrounding environment in everything that we do. We focus on building healthy soils and growing food in a way that supports, protects and preserves our environment as much as possible. 

We have big plans in the works to grow our farm and produce more food, and we'd love to have you follow our journey! 

Visit our website to learn all about how and why we farm and to follow our growth!

Flourish MicroFarm

Growing certified organic local microgreens year round!

Flourish is our indoor microfarm where we produce certified organic microgreens all year long. We were motivated to embark on a microgreen production facility as a means of providing locally grown greens all through the winter. 

Because we live in a rural mountain area, almost 100% of the produce we eat as a community in the winter time is imported.

For us, we are striving to eliminate the "light switch" affect of locally produced food. What this means is that typically "local food" is like a light switch that turns on in the Spring when local food is accessible, and turns off in the Fall when local food is sold out. 

What does this mean for food security? Well that is a BIG conversation, but in a nutshell, we are on a mission to produce as much food here locally as we can on a year round basis, and when we are buried in snow, microgreens are a great local, nutritious staple in our diet!

Visit our website to learn more about our microgreens production and where you can find some!


The Rooted Table

Prioritizing BC farms + producers, FIRST.

The Rooted Table is the next step in our farm business journey - the step where we take access to locally produced food to the next level. 

With extensive experience working within our local foodshed, we realized a long time ago that the best case scenario for our little town and surrounding area would be a 100% farm-focused market store that is open 7 days per week. 

It took a *long* time to get here, but perseverance prevailed and we are beyond stoked to embark on this next leg of our journey.

Throughout 2022, the Rooted Table will came to life and we are now proud to provide the West Kootenays and surrounding area with consistent, year round access to British Columbia grown + produced foods and small batch created goods.

Even more than that! The Rooted Table is your connection to the BC small businesses we support. When you visit us you will have the opportunity to get to know the faces behind the food and goods we offer. We want you to know the real people who grow, produce and make the goods we offer, and fostering these deep-rooted relationships is exactly what the Rooted Table is here for!

So come for a visit and see what BC has to offer! By nature the offerings in our store are seasonally available, which means things are changing all the time with the seasons and you never know what you might find! We can't wait to welcome you!

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