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Farm to Table Event Services

Nope! We aren't done yet!

When we got started with the Rooted Table Co. we had a really big dream, and it goes beyond having a beautiful 100% British Columbia local storefront.

This page is to share a little sneak peek with you of what's to come.

And you better believe it involves our own kitchen, stunning farm to table dinner services that can pop-up in your backyard, and our own brand new line of specialty food products we have been developing for years.

Imagine hosting a dinner with 12 of your best friends that is 100% made with local BC ingredients, prepared by one of our favourite local chefs we love to work with, and served to you by your very own local farmers. 

Imagine having access to ready-to-eat nourishing meals and food items, lovingly crafted with 100% local ingredients and no unhealthy ingredients we often strive to avoid.

See where we're going with this? 

Stay tuned - it won't be long now!

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